Kaizel Mendoza

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About Kaizel Mendoza 

I am Kaizel Mendoza. I love to explore new places and I have devoted my life to travelling the world. During my travels, I found my passion in yoga and started to understand and feel the benefits it offered to my body, mind, and self.

I am a yoga teacher. I run a donation-based yoga outdoors, and this has been my greatest achievement since I became a yoga teacher. My intention is to develop meaningful connections with everything around me and embrace it with no pressure and judgement and to explore the Self with creativity, freedom, and love.

I moved from the Philippines to Australia and lived in Sydney for 5 years. Now, I am in the tropical state Cairns Queensland. “With the humidity and all coconut trees, it feels like home”. I plan to have a cat and soon you’ll see her on my Instagram account.

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My Health & well-being journey

What does well-ness mean to you?

Wellness is not only feeling good within and being healthy, but connecting with people and nature, being kind and helpful as well as embracing the challenges with grace and calmness.

Tell us about your personal health and well-being journey and contribution to the community

I used to work on night shifts that made me stay indoors during daytime, sleep deprived, and unable to eat properly. I suffered from gastric pains. I found myself eating pre-made meals at fast food chains almost every day. When I moved to Australia, I had a few months transitioning from my regular meals. I started eating more nutritional meals like steamed veggies and even making my own power snacks. I became a gym member for a year then later found my passion in Yoga. In 2020, I became a vegetarian. I realised the true power of strength in a physiological sense after all these experiences. It has been my greatest achievement for my mind and body.

What was the biggest challenge you have faced in your journey?

I became addicted to maintaining and focusing on myself – my body. Although I was not restricting myself to a regular and strict healthy diet, I find it hard to keep everything in balance and moderation.       

What’s keep you going

Knowing that I have freedom and that I can choose what feels good for me. I keep myself grounded each day, moving my body and meditating. I keep myself open to everything that will come my way. Embrace them with gratitude and let go of things that no longer serve a good purpose.

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What is your morning ritual

I always have my alarm set at 7:30am doing my usual combined yoga and meditation for an hour and half.  After that, I’ll have breakfast while watching my favourite TV series Friends. Then I enjoy the rest of the day with the people I love and connect with.

Favourite book

I have nothing in particular, but I love to read anything about life, and related to mind and body. I recently finished “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One” by Joe Dispenza. I am currently reading “Instant Calm” by Paul Wilson. I recommend these amazing books.

Favourite food

Sushi, Veggie Tempura. Although I mentioned I became a vegetarian last year, I still like the taste of cooked tuna occasionally.

Most Influential person in your life

My partner who has been my longest relationship. My life changed in a drastically good way. Each of us has a different cultural background and we have shared values that greatly benefit our relationship. He continuously supports my decisions, criticizes at the same time, and gives realistic advice.


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Let's Inspire

What's your message for people who are struggling with their health and well-being?

“DO NOT WORRY” Recognise your anxiety behaviours and start reducing your stress levels by practicing control breathing and meditation. Have freedom to choose what is good for you. Move your body. Feel your body. Stay grounded and present.