Do kids need Yoga - Think again!

Do kids need Yoga -  Think again!


Remember the days when we were kids, seems like another life. But if you look around and think that was really an another life in another world. A life full of activities, mischiefs where kids were not afraid of wasting time by climbing a useless tree or dig a hole in the backyard with a small stick. That was a life where you were not worried about germs or immunity or screen time. That was a life with limited entertainment but full of joy.

Now we have entertainment than ever before not just for us but for our kids as well. More TV shows, more funny videos on YouTube and more games than ever. Even after all these resources, our kids are having more issues than ever before. I am not talking only about physical health-related issues caused by lack of exercise or by eating junk food on a fast-food stall. I am talking about the other half, behavioural and emotional issues. Our kids are more stressed than ever before and it is just not study, its everything friends, family, study and even sports. Everywhere you see is competition and race to be on top even for kids, while we played just for fun, they are playing to get a scholarship or whatever a few extra grade point which can help them build better future. But while we are building the future we are taking away the childhood.

Now you must be thinking you already know all this, of course, you do but the big question is what are you doing about it? In most cases, you just spend some money and get him a new toy or signup for a new activity, how about spending extra time with your kids. Now I know the busy corporate world and all the time issues, we all have these issues. Someone once told me if you want your kids to spend more time with you and respect you then you need to find a common interest or hobby, something you both enjoy and have fun with. Yoga could be that, think about it, it will be hard in the start as it will seem useless for a kid but let me tell you there is no age for yoga. If you are waiting for your kids to turn 18 or waiting for him to be mature then you are mistaken. Yoga will be a very small step now which will build your kids character for the future. Yoga can give your kids the calmness, the concentration and the focus which he or she needs to be happy and successful.

In the end, yoga will give your kid patience, yoga is something you do without any rush in your life. You do it slowly, you do it correctly and you do it calmly. It will be a challenge in the start as kids have so much energy but once they channel it in the right direction then you will see the effect. Then it will take your kid to the same word we lived in once where the value of muddy stick is much more than a flashy iPad. So what are you waiting for get your kids a yoga mat and teach a pose or two. Anyway, you are not losing anything all you get is some good time with your kid. Isn’t it all we all need from our kids?

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