Yoga -Trending Yoga practices with their benefits

Yoga -Trending Yoga practices with their benefits - NibbanaAU

What is YOGA ? 

Yoga is defined as a union of mind, physical and breathing exercises to enhance one's mental & physical wellbeing. Various styles of yoga practices combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. While one style might not suit you, you might end up loving the other style. 

Read through our blog and find out more about the most trending style and decide which one you might want to try in one of the nearby yoga studios/ gyms : 

1. Ashtanga Yoga : This style comprises of a series of 6 postures which link every movement to your breath. The benefits of this style are endless. However after a regular period of practising this style, you will feel more flexible, less stress, less anxious, toning in muscles, improved cardio vascular health leading to reduced body fat. This style of yoga has also proved to improve creativity. So if you are in  a creative job and are going through a mental block, its worth giving a try. 

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2. Bikram Yoga/ Hot Yoga : As the name suggests it involves practising a sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing patterns in an artificially heated room. This style of yoga has proved to aid weight loss, build endurance, preventing chronic injuries and illness, better sleep and breathing patterns. While practising this style, you notice to have a deeper sense of well being and a more peaceful mind. 


3. Hatha Yoga : If you are looking to start your yoga journey from a less intense space, this might be the right type for you. This style introduces basic physical postures. 

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4. Iyenger Yoga : This type of focuses on finding the correct alignment in each pose using a range of props, such as blocks, blankets, straps, chairs, and bolsters. As compared to Hatha yoga, where you perform a series of basic poses, in Iyenger yoga, you are to hold the poses for a longer period of time using the above props. Don't forget to check our accessories store to have a look at some of these props. The biggest benefit from this style of yoga is the toning of muscles and increased muscle strength which primarily comes from holding the poses for a longer duration. 

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5. Jivamukti Yoga : Literally meaning "Liberation while living", this style of yoga focuses on the fast paced flow between the poses, rather than the poses themselves. It can be a physically intense practice. The focus between the poses is called "Vinsaya" and therefore this practice is also called Vinsaya yoga alternatively. This style lowers stress and anxiety and might also serve as a cardio workout because of being physically intense.

 6. Power Yoga : Power yoga was designed in late 1980s and come into practise for people looking for some fats paced yoga postures. This practise has its roots embedded in Ashtanga Yoga and is believed to aid in weight-loss and improve your cardio vascular health. It is often referred as a faster and more vigorous version of Vinyasa Yoga. If you are one of those who feel yoga is boring, this might be the style to give a go! 

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7. Aerial Yoga : Aerial yoga is quickly gaining popularity worldwide and provides a slew of physical and wellbeing benefits.  As quoted by GoodhouseKeeping "Instead of performing yoga poses on a mat, aerial yoga utilizes a silk hammock or sling that is suspended from the ceiling to perform those same movements. The purpose of the hammock is to provide support through your yoga flow, while also improving flexibility and range of motion. The hammock also takes pressure off certain areas of the body like the head and shoulders, allowing you to reach those more challenging poses like headstands with greater ease. Although most aerial yoga photos you'll find seem to showcase a yogi fully suspended in air, many aerial yoga poses only require you to take one body part such as your foot or leg off the ground." 

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As interesting yet easy these styles of Yoga might seem, we highly recommend you to practise these under professional guidance if you are beginner or an intermediate Yogi.  

Do not forget to tag us in your Social Stories and let us know, which style you chose and how did you feel after the session! 

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