How yoga boosts your brain

How yoga boosts your brain

Yoga is older than recorded time. It may well be tens of thousands of years old. Yoga’s beauty lies in the realization that practice of yoga is as relevant to our lives in the 21st century as it was all those many centuries ago – maybe even more so, given the stresses and uncertainties of our fast-paced lives.

Yoga touches all aspect of our lives; it is not just limited to physical wellbeing. Yoga is multi-dimensional; it just not heals our body but can also help creating new neural connections in our brain.

There is no pill that can make your brain effective or efficient. The most effective way to shape your brain is through behavioural changes. Based on your choices and experiences, your brain develops neural connections and eventually becomes conditioned. It is said that neurons that fire together, wire together. The more you practice and activity or a mindset the more networks are created. Yoga practices facilitate this process.

Modern science shows us that the brain maintains its ability to adapt across a lifetime, making it possible to break ad habits and negative patterns. It can also create chemicals that pharmaceutical companies synthesize in a lab. Research is uncovering the huge potential of yoga therapy to help people on a global scale.  These effects stem from yoga’s multidimensional approach, which includes guidelines on self-control and self-regulation.

 Although any yoga practice should encourage neuroplasticity, try the tips here for improved results.

Up the intensity

Moderate to vigorous physical activity, life from Sun salutations, is one of the most effective ways of increasing brain-derived neurotrophic factor. This is a nerve growth factor, which is like a glue that helps to wire in neural connections.

Change your routine

Purposefully and consciously changing your yoga practice routine benefits your mind and body.


Research shows that meditation builds grey matter in your cerebral cortex.

Join a class

The act of moving with a group and following the teacher activates mirror neurons. The mirror neuron system is recently discovered network of nerves involved in emulation of movement and developing compassion.

We’ve only begun to understand the mind and its potential as human beings, but working together can be a major part of unlocking the next level of productivity and ingenuity.