Ace Series

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Using the right gear is a basic part of any workout and yoga mats are no exception. With a wide range of yoga mats available online, knowing precisely what to search for is critical. At Nibbana, we ensure that you are spoilt with countless choices from a wide array of yoga mats available that will suit your necessities and requirements. 

From our yoga mats range, one of our premium yoga mats collection is the Ace series, which is something you can’t afford to miss out on. This collection of designer yoga mats are known for some amazing features such as faster rebound, better grip, anti-slip, softer top with good traction, & many more. 

Available in different thicknesses of 2mm & 5mm respectively, our ace series, anti-slip yoga mats are available in varied colors so whether you are searching for pink yoga mats or black yoga mats, green yoga mats, or blue yoga mats - we’ve got you covered with all options.

So next time, if you are unclear about where to buy yoga mats online or looking for yoga mats near you, then look no further as Nibbana is your one-stop-shop yoga superstore racked with an eco-friendly collection of yoga mats at the best prices.

Australia's Premium Quality Yoga Mats

A high-quality yoga mat is arguably the most important piece of the equation in keeping you safe and grounded, whether you're flowing through your daily yoga poses or working on your core at the gym. 

Get ready to add a professional touch to your yoga workouts by complimenting them with our designer non-slip yoga mats, one of our best selling yoga mats known for its premium quality.