About By The Sea Products

About the Brand

At By The Sea Collection, we focuses on creating fun and trendy products that are cruelty free and sustainable. All of our cork bags are made from recycled materials. We guarantee that our products are 100% vegan, so you can feel great when making a purchase from us knowing that no animals were hurt, less waste going to landfill, and enjoy the benefits of cork material.

About Cork Leather

Cork is one of the most sustainable materials and is also known for its durability, light weight, water resistance and versatility. Our cork fabric is made from compressed off-cut pieces of cork that is later sliced into thin sheets then are fixed and heat-pressed onto natural fabric. This process allows flexibility and strength and turns cork into a new and innovative textile known as cork leather or vegan leather. It is soft, with a suede like feel and is 100% cruelty free!


Keep it bright, fun and sustainable all at the same time! All the colourful pieces on wallets and bags are made from another awesome discarded material. Its technical term is EVA, which is same material that makes up your thongs (flip-flops). It is water resistant, soft and light weight just like our cork. Besides looking cool, these pops of colour gives each of our wallets and bags an individual look. 


Beautifully made from natural oak cork wood, it embraces what nature has offered us. Our cork bags and wallets have the texture of suede, soft and pliable unlike other cork items. You'll enjoy the leather-like texture and at the time feeling good about discovering another long lasting material that is super sustainable and cruelty free! This will be yet another statement piece with a minimalistic timeless look. 


Elegant yet versatile. Our gold cork leather has just the right amount of gold to compliment the natural look of cork. The gold edge around each pieces of cork, adds class to this new textile innovation. The perfect gift for her for all occasions.