About Caye Life

The inspiration for Caye Life came after our Founder, Sarah, spent time travelling overseas and found herself face to face with the negative effects of single-use plastics. In Caye Caulker, Belize, she noticed an incredible amount of rubbish spoiling an otherwise pristine island and coastline. Then and there she decided to be part of a change for the health of the planet.
Single-use plastics were at the top of Sarah's hit list, so she designed a range of reusable products that would motivate people to reuse simply because they worked well and looked good!

Caye Life was born; starting with a range of insulated water bottles and expanding to reusable coffee cups; two items that can make a huge difference if used regularly.  


When we consider a sustainable future, single-use plastic has to be one of the fastest growing environmental issues that we face today. At Caye Life, we want to contribute to a change, and have decided to address some of the most commonly used everyday items.


Our design ethos is keep it simple. We are inspired by minimal design and with a focus on functionality. 

Our goal is for every sip to be a pleasure, which is why both our cups and bottles are made from premium, double-walled, food-grade, stainless steel. This means that your drinks stay their optimum temperature and taste how they are intended to taste. 

Our coffee cups are designed with a thin lip to drink from, which makes for a much more comfortable sip as well as no more spilled coffee down the front of your shirt. The matte finish is the final signature feature, which adds a soothing sensory feeling in your hand - the matte finish also means they are easy to wash - woo!
We’ve worked hard on this and continually look at ways we can do better; including working with our manufacturer to use less packing materials. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our sustainability practices, please let us know!