About EcoSouLife

Why choose EcoSouLife?

Our safer, greener alternatives are designed to breakdown into natural raw materials once buried in the ground, unlike traditional oil-based plastics.

EcoSouLife is on a mission to deliver guilt-free disposable and reusable alternatives to the plastic, foams and metals which cause harm to our planet.

EcoSouLife Story

Founders Gal & Sharon Benjamin, found inspiration through the enthusiasm of their eldest son. He strongly advocated for the environment and committed to ensuring the family's waste methods would reduced the effect of plastic on our planet. With their son’s passion igniting their own environmental consciousness, Gal and Sharon sought to create products that could eliminate the damaging effects plastics have on nature and its ecosystems. After years of extensive research and investments in the development of materials and products, EcoSouLife® was born.

Today, EcoSouLife® is an award-winning, globally distributed line of sustainable household, commercial and outdoor products.

EcoSouLife Aim

Our aim is simple! We intend to provide people with an environmentally friendly alternative to single use plastic products, through this we hope to reduce and eliminate the impact humankind has on our environment.

Family is at the heart of what we do, our company was born as our founder’s family gathered to enjoy the outdoors and sought ways to help reverse the damage humankind has inflicted upon the environment for many generations.

We take waste and turn it into a product instead of making more waste. We support farmers by helping them repurpose agricultural waste like corn, wheat, rice husks and fallen palm leaves.

Community Projects, Awards & Certificates

A primary focus of the EcoSouLife® philosophy is educating younger generations, building environmental awareness and developing consciousness regarding individual impact on the health of the Earth. As such, EcoSouLife® has contributed to the following Community Projects:

  • Cool Australia's Enviro week Educating a Sustainable Future
  • The Green School Bali: Voted the World's Greenest School in 2012 North Face Outdoor Festival - Shanghai
  • Ethical Adventures Darwin NT Australia Tour De Froth 2018
  • Supporting the Country Fire Association Messe Frankfurt Solutions 2018
  • 2017 Top Kitchen Essential at Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine SOTA 2103 - Winner of best stand Award
  • Nexty Awards