Contact Us and General Info

- Are you based in Australia?

We are an Australian based small business with operating offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

- Do you sell online only?

Online shopping front is our primary selling mode. However, if you need to pick up Yoga mats and accessories please reach out to us and we may be able to fulfil click and collect order for you at our warehouse - Clik Collective, Moorabbin, VIC

- How was Nibbana started?

We started by realising the power of Yoga to heal mind, body and soul through real life events and a long recovery journey. We also realised just how often we ignore ourselves and wondered how can we continuously seek to discover our higher self. 

We started Nibbana with a vision of helping people realise their full potential and introduce them to a higher way of living. With an aim to develop a community striving towards holistic well being, our mission is to be an one stop shop for mind, body and soul products. Read more about us Here

- What is your mission?

Our mission to introduce people from all ages and backgrounds to the joys of higher living. We want to overcome the perception that wellness, Yoga is just for the old or a particular gender. We also want to convey the message that holistic well being is vastly important rather than just focusing on one aspect. And finally we truly believe that all of it achievable through sustainable sources and sharing knowledge.

- What are your core values?

With a genuine shared passion for well being, our team strives to offer best value products delivered through exceptional customer experience. We put sustainability first in all our decision making and ensure all our products are eco-friendly.

Our core values are putting Nibbana way of working in practice and living with a one of all, all for one mentality.

- What range of products do you sell?

We offer a wide range of mind body and soul products drawing inspiration from all elements of earth. Our collection of Yoga mats is curated to suit every budget, stages of Yoga journey and type of Yoga. We are constantly incorporating customer feedback to evolve our product lines and invest in a wider range. Over the last few months we have added Yoga wear including leggings and shorts, super food including Australian native ingredients, turmeric lattes, hemp, immunity boosters, heat packs, beauty and self care, aromatherapy products and much more.

- How can I contact you?

 We strive for exceptional customer service. Please reach out to us via email at and we will get back asap.

Other ways to reach us is through our social media pages.