How to care for copper products

Our products are intended primarily for the storage of water. We do not recommend using them to store any hot liquids. 
Natural tarnishing will occur with time and use. We feel this natural patination of copper adds to its beauty!
If you want to polish your copper up, follow these simple steps:
  1. Take a lemon
  2. Cut in half
  3. Add a small amount of salt
  4. Gently rub surface of copper with lemon
  5. Rinse with warm water
  6. Polish with cloth
The copper can also be cleaned with any metal cleaning agent. Never use abrasive pads when cleaning as this will scratch the surface of the copper. 
If you find your bottle lid getting squeaky you can grease it with a small amount of natural oil. Always try to screw lid on gently to prevent it from leaking or becoming jarred.