Buy Rok Starter Pack Online | Shop - Gemstones only at Nibbana - Your Local Wellness Store
Buy Rok Starter Pack Online | Shop - Gemstones only at Nibbana - Your Local Wellness Store
Buy Rok Starter Pack Online | Shop - Gemstones only at Nibbana - Your Local Wellness Store
Buy Rok Starter Pack Online | Shop - Gemstones only at Nibbana - Your Local Wellness Store


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The Rok Starter Pack includes 6 high vibin’ pebble Roks, bundled up in a luxe draw string HartRoks pouch. Each energy has been carefully selected to provide you with a vibration to suit lifes main energy leaks and peaks!
The smooth pebble form is perfect to use on the daily, carry them with you, take them travelling, use them one at a time to manifest in each area of life.

The pack has one of each of the below pebbles:

THE LOVE ROK : Rose Quartz
Love | Relationships | Compassion
- Constant, steady flow of loving energy
- Invites love & positivity into your space
- Allows love to take the lead through all areas of your life

THE HEALTH ROK : Clear Quartz
Health | Healing | Positivity
- Soothing & calming to restore a healthy state
- Balancing & revitalising your energy levels
- Nurturing when you’re feeling low

Career | Prosperity | Change
- Keeps you clear headed for your new lease on life
- Brings optimism and positivity
- Energy for reaching goals & abundance

THE ZEN ROK : Amethyst
Less-Stress | Detoxification | Intuition
- Absorbs negative energy recreating it into positive energy
- Helps to allow perspective and intuition to take the lead
- Reminder to slow down and enjoy your ride

Grounding | Positivity | Protective
- Provides a secure & grounded energy force
- Diffuses negative vibes around you, allowing only positivity in your space
- Allows you to stay clear minded when feeling consumed by life’s paced energy

Confidence | Boldness | Persistence
- Helps you to tap into your self belief
- Dims negative and limiting stories
- Ignites persistence to take the road 'less travelled'

Each Rok is unique in shape, colour and size, just like us! Whilst our Roks will be similar to the featured image, it will not be the same.
Lets Get Crystal Clear : Cleansing & Charging Your HartRoks
Just like people, crystals love a good cleanse and reset. It’s with a new day, month or year that most goals are set and we turn the page of a new chapter. So, it makes sense that your Rok transitions through these times with you. Cleansing your Rok is not done with soapy water, and charging isn’t done with a power point. Crystals are cleansed and charged by the natural elements of Mother Nature.

1. CLEANSING: Set the Frequency of your HartRok back to neutral.
Before we send out any HartRoks, they are cleansed using either Palo Santo smoke, the ocean water or the vibration of drums or a singing bowl.
Since your Rok absorbs and amplifies your intentions and manifestations, it's important to 'reset' it and allow it to come back to it's natural energetic force. You are welcome to cleanse at any time. Infact, you can cleanse yourself, your home or those around you after a ‘crappy’ day! Cleanse whenever your intuition guides you to do so.

Here are a few different ways you can cleanse your HartRok :
- Using your Sage Smudge smoke
- In the sunlight
- Under the ocean water
- Using cleansing spray
- By candlelight
- In the soil of the earth
- The vibrations of sound / music

2. CHARGING: Drawing energy from the Full Moon to charge up your HartRoks.
When the Moon is full, the sun and moon sit on either side of the earth creating a kind of friction. This emits a huge vibrational force and when your HartRoks are sitting outside, or in a window sill they are exposed to the frequency.

This natural force penetrates your HartRok and just like electricity powers electronic equipment, your HartRok will be beaming with its high frequency after a Full Moon. The monthly cycle of charging on a Full Moon offers you a regular ritual to ensure you are realigning your HartRok and taking some time to review your own energy and intentions. Don’t forget though, you can charge your HartRoks at any time! Use the sunlight instead of the Full Moon and allow your intuition to guide you on when you want to charge up your HartRoks.

3. PROGRAMMING: The third part of owning your HartRok is programming it. Again, let your intuition guide you, but if your unsure where to start, the New Moon offers the perfect energetic time to create new intentions and manifestations. 

Each HartRok is unique in its appearance and carries with it its own individual energy, just like human beings. Born from the Earth’s energetic force, Crystals are created when each Rok is shattered and dismembered from its original source.

Each Rok vibrates and emits its own energy, just like you. The difference between you and your HartRok is that the energy of the human body wavers depending on a myriad of factors. The energy of a HartRok is constant and dependable.

So, despite all that is going on around you, set your truest intention, your dreamiest manifestation and speak it loud enough for your mind and your Rok to hear! Hold your HartRok close and let your dreams set in Rok.

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