Yoga poses to increase productivity working from home

Yoga poses to increase productivity working from home - NibbanaAU

While Covid-19 has impacted our work and personal life in one way or the other, it has also made us realise the importance of finding happiness in the small and meaningful things that surround us. 

The most common way this pandemic has impacted us is pushing us to see the more convenient way of working - which is working from the comforts of our home office. Who doesn't love saving those 90mins of travel everyday and spend them with our families instead. It has also dissolved the boundaries of home and work for many.

More than 9 months into the pandemic and working from home, many of us have come to the realisation that on a few days, while working in the comfort of our trackies and shorts, our productivity is pushed a bit downwards. Be it the comfort of home or being surrounded by kids or "just  not feeling it" to blame, it will be amazing to know ways of increasing our productivity while being so comfortable, relaxed and laid back. And that's exactly what we've got lined up for you. 

Did you know that a lot of YOGA poses can help us improve our productivity while working from home ?  Fret not !! We've listed a few for you already :) 

And guess what, these would only take upto 10 mins. 

 1. Easy Pose (Sukhasana) : This pose will help you start your day in the right way. It help you focus on your breathing and gets the blood flowing through your body. 

- Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed 

- Take in a deep breath through your nose, hold it in for 4 seconds and 

- Release your breath, through your mouth as you count till 3. 

Repeat this 3 times and you will instantly feel more focussed and fresh 


2. Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana): This is one of our favourite poses!! you can totally feel the amazing stretch and improved blood circulation in the body. The science behind this pose - when your head is placed at a lower level than your body, the head/ brain is supplied with more oxygen thereby increasing concentration, focus and neuro functions. 

- Begin in a table-top position, on your hands and knees 

- Transfer pressure to your toes and push yourself upwards by lifting your hips and creating an inverted "V" shape. Make sure that your feet remain hips-width apart. 

- Reach to your comfortable height and transfer a little bit of weight on your hands (especially middle finger and thumb)

- Lengthen your spine, pushing your hips towards the sky and pulling in your stomach towards the thighs, and try to look at your feet. 

- Hold this pose for 5 seconds and repeat it 3 times to "reset" your nervous system. 


3. Camel Pose (Ustrasana) : This heart opening pose helps you in clearing all the chatter and noise from your mind. It is a little challenging pose as compared to the above two, but, it is a great one if you spend a the entire day sitting on a work desk. It works great if you are trying to improve your posture. 

Begin on your knees and bring your hands to your low back with fingers pointed down as if you were going to slide them into your back pockets.

- Gently shift the hips forward as you draw the elbows and shoulder blades towards one another creating an opening through your thoracic spine.

- Slowly work towards the fullest variation by bringing your hands to the back of the heels as you continue to shift your hips forwards.

Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat 3 times!! 



4. Seated Forward Bend Pose (Paschimottanasana) : A very calming pose which relives stress and helps in improving mood. 

- Start by sitting with both your legs forward on the floor.

- Bring your arms straight out to the sides and reaching toward the ceiling.

- Inhale and extend your spine. As you exhale, begin to come forward, hinging at your hips. 

- On each inhale, lengthen your spine. You may come a bit out of your forward bend to do this.

- On each exhale, deepen into your forward bend and pulling your belly towards your spine. Be mindful to keep neck as a natural extension of your spine neither cranking it to look up nor letting it go completely.

- When you have come to your full extension with the spine long, decide whether you want to stay here or let your spine round forward.

- Take hold of your ankles or shins, whichever you can reach.

Repeat the pose 3 times to feel the maximum stretch. 

Try any of these poses, and feel free to modify based on how your body is feeling! Here’s to a productive and stress free working from home. 

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