The Nibbana Story


Nibbana star, our story

The Start

Yoga is a Saviour. Life experiences shape us as individuals and difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. We realised the power of Yoga to heal mind,body and soul through real life events and a long recovery journey.

There was a spark and Nibbana was born with a vision of helping people realise their full potential and introduce them to a higher way of living. With an aim to develop a community striving towards holistic well being, our mission is to be an one stop shop for mind, body and soul products.

With a genuine shared passion for well being, our team strives to offer best value products delivered through exceptional customer experience.We put sustainability first in all our decision making and ensure all our products are eco-friendly.

Our core values are putting Nibbana way of working in practice and living with a one of all, all for one mentality.

We are still evolving, constantly introducing new products whilst celebrating the spirit of Yoga. For us the greatest pleasure is seeing people strive for higher meaning in life using our products. 

Our Products

Our Promise