Mind, body, soul—how Yoga hits the trifecta

Mind, body, soul—how Yoga hits the trifecta - NibbanaAU


Yoga has become one of the world's most popular fitness regimes—and there's a scientific reason behind it! In this article, we will deep-dive into how Yoga goes beyond the physical and targets your mind and spirit, making a difference in your life that is unquestionable. So, before you invest in Yoga products, have a look at what a world of difference can be a achieved by doing 30 minutes of Yoga daily.

A conditioning exercise for your body

Yoga is a process that hits multiple areas of your body, targeting your core, major muscle groups, tendons, ligaments, and spine while keeping you focused on maintaining balance and controlling your movements. Couple that with breathing exercises associated with asanas, and you have a full-body conditioning routine that is as beneficial as it is sustainable.

While Yoga is great for improving stamina, balance, and even strength, the biggest benefits lie in improving the flexibility of your body and strengthening your spine. Spine health alone should be enough for you to think about taking up Yoga. Yoga also aids in the recovery of injuries by controlled movements coupled with pumping blood into the muscles. It helps athletes slowly get back to high-impact sports after an injury and aids the common man to prevent the long-term effects of injuries. In a nutshell, its benefits for the body cannot be understated.

A calming routine for your mind

Yogis have claimed for hundreds of years that Yoga has immense benefits for the human mind. Until some time ago, the facts on the matter were unclear due to the lack of research. However, in the past few decades, scientists have conducted multiple studies on the effects of different Yogic practices on the human mind. 

The human mind is, at best, a complex matrix of memories, experiences, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and consciousness. Like the neurons firing in our brain, our mind is constantly working—even when we are asleep. In order for you to not be overwhelmed by the chaos of your own mind and to think clearly, you need to learn how to tame your thoughts.

Meditation and a focus on breathing are considered as the foundational stones of Yoga for the same reason. These practices help you clear your head, calm your mind—and, in turn, gain control of the physical reactions generated by stress, anger, and negative emotions (like secretion of hormones or a rise in blood pressure). The result - Less stress, more awareness, and a handle on depression and anxiety.

A positive practice for your spirit

Spiritual well-being is as particular to the soul as it is crucial for personality development. Yoga helps you cultivate a positive outlook towards life and a sense of being that is unparalleled to any other experience. It helps you be more aware of the world around you, and as you meditate, you are able to go deeper into yourself and get in touch with a life force that mirrors everyone else's. A sense of being connected to the universe is something most long-term Yoga practitioners claim to achieve.

So, what are you waiting for start reclaiming yourself!

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