Which is the best Yoga Mat?

Which is the best Yoga Mat? - NibbanaAU

We often get queried on which is the best Yoga mat and where do I start my Yoga journey? 

As with all other things the answer depends on an individual’s Yoga journey, specific requirements and other factors such as delivery/payment options when shopping. Let us be clear, there is a no shortage of options available online and through this blog we aim to provide some absolute basics of Yoga mat shopping. Read on… 

The material

You would have come across a PVC based Yoga or exercise mat in your Gym, School, Yoga class or the local big retailer. With the rock bottom prices these mats seem to be an extremely attractive option but if you just search of harmful effects of PVC on an individual or an environment your will never look back at these PVC mats in the same light.  The best alternate to these harmful PVC mats which we recommend for all Yoga starters is TPE based Yoga mats like our Ignite series mats.

TPEs are a family of rubber-like materials that combine the characteristics of rubber with the added advantage of recyclability. TPE is free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC, Lead, Phthalates, Dioxins, and other harmful materials and offers a longer life span than traditional PVC based mats. These mats repel moisture, bacteria and odour and are waterproof. They are made up of hypoallergenic, biodegradable material which also offers great protection for your joint and body.

If you like to pamper yourself and adore quality and designed looks then look no further than natural rubber based PU top layer mats like our Ace series. These mats are best sellers for a reason. PU top layer offers excellent grip for all kind of Yoga poses. It has a soft pleasant touch and feel, is non-toxic, tasteless, and non-slip. It also provides Yoga mat an elegant designer feel.

The natural rubber base prevents even the slightest movement, ensuring that your mat will stay in place no matter what's underneath it.

The surface will absorb the moisture and will not let you slip even in the sweatest conditions. The natural rubber base will give great traction against all surfaces for better balance.

The next level up is 100% natural rubber Yoga mats such as our Zenith mats. Natural rubber is a soft yet firm material which is great for balancing poses. It is comfortable when you are embracing the floor and gravity. Natural rubber is more effective at absorbing vibrations than any other material. Natural Rubber is free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC, Lead, Phthalates, Dioxins, and other harmful chemicals. Natural rubber is easy to clean and highly eco-friendly.

Natural cork, jute and hemp have also emerged as new materials which Yogis are experimenting with as they are 100% bio-degradable and provide an earthlier touch to the Yoga practice. The cork top layer surface has a smooth and natural feel. 

Thickness and other dimensions 

Yoga mats generally come in varying thickness with 3-6mm being most popular. Other thinner options 1-2 mm are ideal for people who like to take their Yoga mat with them and are ok with less cushion support. More mm means more support but more weight so the decision is entirely based on individual requirements for support required however the feedback we have received so far is that 5mm is the best support Yogis live by whereas new starters prefer 4-6 mm in cushioning material such as TPE for knee support.

Another key factor to watch out is length and width of the mat. You should always check out if the mat is minimum 180 cm long and 60-62 cm wide for use by an adult. You don’t want to invest in a mat where half your body is always outside the mat. Check out some real videos to give a perspective how long/wide a mat is and whether it will suit your body frame 


Natural rubber based mats with or without PU top such as our Zenith and Ace mats have proven to be provide better anti-slip properties for serious Yogis. To practice Bikram Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Yoga or any kind of Vinyasa Yoga, you can trust natural rubber as your best bet.

TPE is amazingly lightweight and offers soft yet firm support to the users and nicely patterned surfaces, which provide excellent traction on the mat. The most fitting description of TPE mats is cushy and it is ideal for people who love a more cushiony feel for their Yoga practice.

Cork is ideal for Poses or Yoga where one sweats a lot as Cork contains suberin, a waxy, grippy substance that is released when wet which means the grip will increase as you sweat. 


Many online retailers such as us offer quick delivery as we stock all our material here in Australia and are unlike many drop shipping competitors who may take 15-20 days for delivery with even longer returns. This might suit people who are ready to wait for the products. Other key factors which might influence your decision are other accessories you might need such as towels, blocks, straps etc. – all available at one place and the payment options such as Afterpay available. Also look out for delivery fees as it might become a factor if the product is shipped internationally. 

Whatever you choose but don’t wait any further to start experimenting with Yoga. In these unprecedented times it may very well provide you an answer you have been looking for. Nibbana on 😊

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