About Hemp Oz

Hemp Oz came from humble beginnings as a homebrew kombucha to a premium global award winning functional health foods and wellness brand due to a unique opportunity that sprouted from the devastation of a medical diagnosis.

The Founder, John Leith, never imagined crafting Australia’s first Hemp Kombucha beverage and being at the forefront of the Hemp and Health beverage industry.

After John was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, he was forced to re-evaluate his lifestyle choices and make a change or risk succumbing to a career-ending chronic illness. Being determined to look after his health, in the end, he understood that he needed a natural, complementary alternative to traditional treatments. Around the same time, Hemp was legalized again (in November 2017) after 83 years of prohibition, putting this vital super-food back on the menu!

With advice and guidance of health professionals, John combined the gut-health benefits of kombucha with the complete nutritional super-package of hemp oil to create his own healthy beverage.

To Doctors surprise, John’s Type 2 Diabetes disappeared after drinking his Hemp Kombucha every day for five weeks. This inspired John share this discovery and help others in his position.

Today, every Australian can now enjoy the benefit of hemp products without the high! Health-conscious consumers can find the our range of food, beverages and oils through Nibbana. Try it! We know you want to!

Sugar's out. Hemp's in. 

We are proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated. Local organic ingredients are sourced to produce wholly sustainable products, including; our Hemp Oz Kombucha, Sparkling Hemp-Infused Spring Water, Hemp Seeds, Protein Powder, Hemp Oil and a range of functional teas.

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