About Pod Organics


The Inspiration

Pod Organics was 'inspired by nature and made with love' and has been a life long journey to find natural products that would nourish and nurture the most precious and sensitive skin. 

The inspiration that brought the Pod Organics to life was founded in love and the encouragement from my amazing mum, mentor and best friend who taught me that anything is possible if it’s founded in love and a desire to improve life for others. Both mum and I have a passion for skincare, but more importantly, a passion and deep respect for nature and the raw ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer to protect and nourish our skin. 

Pod Organics is the culmination of my life’s quest to find a natural solution that would soothe, calm and treat sensitive skin conditions. Throughout my life, both before and since having children, I have experienced a number of skin and health conditions and now my little ones have developed minor skin irritations. I understand how important it is to know what you are putting in and on you and your baby’s body. 

The journey

As a child I remember trying so many products over and over, never getting the desired result. Not only were products not effective, but there were so many products that weren’t suitable for the extra care little people’s skin needs. 

Being a new mum is amazing, most of the time !!!!. However, with hormones racing and sleep deprivation setting in I experienced a merry-go-round of emotions and the ups and downs which came with my little bundles of joy. As you know being a mum is different, scary and for some of us can be a very lonely time. Pre and Anti natal depression are real and scary, I experienced all of this, it was a roller coaster of emotions. I am forever thankful for the support, love and understanding of the incredible community of close family and friends that got me through those crazy times. 

For many being a new mum can be very confusing and at times confronting. So many times I felt the need to reach out and ask for help but it seemed too hard and when trying to find solutions it often feel like information overload. 

That’s where Pod Organics came to life. At Pod Organics we want to be part of your journey and we want you to feel like you belong to a community. Love, kindness, and inclusivity are at the core of our values. We believe that by creating a community that shares knowledge and stories, it enables us to all grow, nourishing and nurturing our bodies and minds. We hope to not only provide you with incredible products (we’re a little bias!) but also somewhere you can find helpful info, share your story and learn about what others have experienced. We hope we help you nourish and nurture yourself naturally, inside and out.

- Lauren and Kerrie

The Community 

We are committed to making a difference to the community, to the environment and to Australian made and home-grown small businesses. Through our ‘The Pod Difference’ program you will be supporting both PANDA and Greening Australia. We will continue to source ethically ingredients, environmentally safe packaging, and work with small Australian businesses. 


We value the magic of life and family whatever shape or form that comes in. We love and value nature, animals and all living things that mother nature has gifted us.


We are inclusive and believe all people are equal the very best that nature has to offer
We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experience.
We support various communities through our Pod Difference program.
Recognise and celebrate the awesome achievement of being the carer to a special little pea through our Carer of the Month program.


Our products and packaging are ethically sourced and cruelty free.
We take accountability and responsibility for what we put back into the environment.
Care and kindness for the environment and our planet are the core of Pod Organics. All products are natural and have no nasties.